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Kumihimo Braiding

Posted on 18th August 2013
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     I would like to show you some Japanese braiding I've been playing around with. It's very easy to do, great for children, can be done on a bus, train or aeroplane because you don't need scissors while you're working.
    I bought a mini disc as it fits in a bag very easily and it comes with basic instructions to get you started. Since then I've also bought EasyBobs, which are little soft plastic bobbins to hold your thread and stop it tangling up as you work, and a very good book by Helen Deighan with very clear picture instructions.
    I began using embroidery thread as I had so much left over from past cross stitch projects. I quite like the small thin braid that the embroidery thread gave me, it's strong too. This necklace is the first cord I made, that's why the clasp and the pendant finding don't match, but when I'm wearing it nobody can see so it doesn't matter to me. This one is special because it worked first time, it's that easy!

    On the left is the embroidery thread and on the right the Rat Tail Cord so you can see the difference on size depending on the thread you use. There will also be a slight difference in size if you use more threads, both these cords have used 8 threads but in different places on the wheel to give a different pattern.
    There are so many variations you can make, it's a bit like friendship bracelets but as a cord. There is also a square plate available to make flat braids. I have seen Kleshna use beads on her cord to make the most amazing necklaces so it's a very versatile and inexpensive item. J&C Creations may not have the discs in at the moment but they do have all the findings you will need to finish off your jewellery so why not have a go, it could keep the children quiet for hours!!!!

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