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My Creation Station - Sue

Posted on 27th January 2013
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 OMG! A bit untidy but I know where everything is.  I started in the dinging room then eventually got to take over the smallest bedroom in our home through sheer exhaustion by my hubby not happy that craftitus was taking over the house. ( a lovely sickness for craftin') Sometimes the crafty items try to make an escape onto the landing, but I get told off then. I am good and try to have a clear out once a year........
Name: Sue O'Connell.
How long have you been crafting: Since 1999.
What is your favourite J & C product:: Heartfelt Creations Stamps and dies as no matter how I use them and what I do to them they always give a crisp image.
What is your favourite topic:  I'm very much a messy person at heart so I love vintage, off the wall type stuff and love experimenting, everything is a happy accident.
What was the first craft product you ever bought and why:  I was watching a programme on the TV and the hairs on my neck stood up - what was this fantastic pastime - Scrapbooking!   So I was a scrapbooker before a card maker and bought my first Album kit and the rest is history.
What inspires your projects, how do you start them off:  For my Thrifty Thursday post it is usually what I find in the charity shop.  For cards - words inspire a project and my mind runs riot then.  I have to have a pen and paper with me all the time as I write stuff down.  I have been known to take photos on my phone of magazine articles whilst waiting in the dentist as it triggered a card off!!
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