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My Creation Station- Tracey Anne

Posted on 30th January 2013
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 Hi I'm Tracey Anne and this is my 'Creation Station', I started my crafty work at the dining room table but outgrew that and had to move into the loft for a while as it was taking over the house , that only lasted for a year till my eldest moved into with her best friend's flat and I won the box room, (whoopee, that loft was cold!!)

When did I start crafting....
I think I've been a Crafter in one way or another all my life, I remember sitting with my Dad and making latch tool rugs at the tender age of  6 or 7. Over the years I've made loads of cross stitch projects and tried different crafts but I think I became hooked when I first started making cards in 2010, I had left work due to illness and needed something to keep me sane indoors. I'm a terrible neat freak and have organised everything in its place, so I always know if I'm missing anything. I have a good tidy every night and put everything back where it belongs , mainly cause I 'm too lazy to look for lost bits in the morning but also cause I'm so OCD about my stuff, its a curse!!

 My favourite item....
I think my favourite J and C Creations items would have to be the Spellbinders dies, as you can see from the photo, I have a few. I like to keep them out as I always use them and if they are in folders you forget what you have ( I also have 2 folders full !!! one solely donated to Christmas, the ones on the boards are the regulars I use ) equally as popular a crafting item would be my Tim Holts ink pads again always out and in use.

 My favourite topic...
My favourite topic that's a tough question, guess it would be nature, butterflies and floral that appeals to the girl in me but I love to make men's cards as well as I love getting grungy and playing with cogs and screw tops, !! So I guess anything really, except sympathy cards, I don't enjoy making them.

My first craft purchase and why ...
I can't remember what my first purchase was but I do remember crocheting a blanket in my 20's for my sisters first baby, so I'm gonna go with Wool!
My inspiration..
loads of things get my mind ticking over , things catch my eye , colours , stamps , etc..
I have lots of friends that ask for cards, so they normally have something in mind and there are tons of challenges on in Bloggerland that inspire me, sometimes I see a plain box and 'think that would be great decorated for dad to put his pocket watches in,!!' Or I see an overpriced item in a boutique and think I can do that for pennies!!

Tracey Anne xx


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