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Storage solutions and a good rumage to boot!

Posted on 25th April 2013
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Hi Everyone
Sue Here

I know it's not Thrifty Thursday but bear with me - today I'm showing you what I've done with all of my stamps.  They use to be on a shelf in files (as below) now they are in Really Useful Boxes coded and on A4 see through plates.


How did I come by this?  Well the other day I was looking at my stash and realised that some of my stamps had not seen the light of day of YEARS!  So I started to look at them, and the more I dug the more surprised I was and thought - I really must use that one and that one and that one.............  Some I am putting on EBay because my taste has changed but it was lovely to see some old favoriates and dare I say some which I have put away and never used!

EZMount Acrylic Storage Panels Full Size with TabsI then looked up how much the storage panels were to put my stamps on. So after buying a few packets I thought I could make my own as it was getting quite expensive.

I got out my laminator out and purchased a box of 100 laminating pouches (250 microns, which means they are thick and strong to hold your heaviest stamps-search for cheapest quote - mine were from Amazon) and ran them through without anything in between.  I then punched holes in the left side just in case I wanted to put them into a folder again.

I then got some A4 iridescent polypropylene (again you could use laminating folders and a piece of coloured card inside) and wrote on these the different categories, to use as dividers in the boxes.  Any stamps that I had pictures and paper packaging for, I put together on a double sided piece of white copy paper, gluing the packaging onto it and ran it through the laminator when full, so that at a glance I know what stamp it is and what make. You can also, once your laminating pouch is full of stamps, ink the stamps up with distress ink and run a piece of thin card over it - voila an instant record of your stamp stash, then you can laminate this to use as a record of what you have or use it as the base for your stamps so that you can see what stamps you have missing before you put the storage panel away.

I have then put them into categories such as Christmas, Animals, Children, Tim Holtz,etc and written this on the front of the box for easy reference.  As you can see I have used 3 Really Useful Boxes (I'm addicted to these big time) all getting full with my stamps in.

Yes this has took me 3 days on and off but it now looks really good on my shelf.

Hope I've inspired you to have a look at your stash and have a sort out....take care....Sue
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